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PennyWeight - $20.75 SHIPPED 1-Bag LONG (No image) (Click for details.)

Image of PennyWeight - $20.75 SHIPPED 1-Bag  LONG (No image) (Click for details.)

Unfilled bags with velcro closure. Handmade bags to fill with penny rolls. Each long bag requires eight penny rolls to achieve approximately 2-1/2 lb. each bag.

Designed with an outside center channel to hold four additional penny rolls to add an additional 1-1/4 lbs. of weight - for a total of approximately 3-3/4 lb. weight if needed. There is a layer of soft padding on the bottom.

One unfilled weight bag.
Size: LONG (3 1/2" x 14")
100% cotton - acid free.
Bag Color: Black
Low profile (height) for use in flat file drawers.
Soft padded bottom.

Flatten & manage rolled art, blueprints, gift wrap paper

These weight bags are a must-have for the art collector/seller. Great to have on-hand to manage rolled art prints or blueprints.

They're also a big help in managing rolls of craft or gift wrapping paper when wrapping and shipping.

You can finally retire those DVD sets, beer mugs and the like that were formerly used for this purpose.

NOTE: There is a additional shipping charge of $2.00 for multiple quantities of long bags purchased.